“After our healing session I feel very much in control of my world. I have even deeper faith that the IS will provide, that my Masters and Guides (in all forms) are beside me and willing to help always, and I am a being of importance! I am even more positive in my mind and energy every day (if you can imagine)…. I feel like everything is possible!! I am actually finding myself tearing up as I type this… every moment of profound mercy, grace, forgiveness and awareness brings me to tears 🙂 I am washed in grace, my being is humming with its message: I am not alone, I am Divine, I am here to help others Know LOVE. Thank you so much for extending such a blessing to me… I can’t even find the words right now, garsh! I’m gettin’ teary! I am so honored to further help the Global Healing Forum in any way I can 🙂
So much LOVE!”

Alina Rempfer ~ Artist


“The issues in my life that had persisted beyond my best efforts to handle, neutralize, or heal them began to release and evaporate! Root systems, karmic wounds, and (spirit attachments) that had not been revealed or healed through therapy, spiritual practice, or a myriad of workshops were revealed and released in a single session. I found that I had yet to learn the tools and practices to manage energy (my own and the impact of others’ on me). In all the healing work I had done prior to this, none had actually cleared the underlying energetic root system for Good. I know it to be true because of the openings that have occurred without any change in behavior on my part! I am not doing anything different; my Being is different!

In the space of one year, the CERW/RSD work has had the effect of manifesting all the goals and desires that I have been pursuing for the last 25 years of personal and spiritual growth workshops. Thank you from the bottom and to the top of my being.”

With Love,
Deborah Lynne Lombardo, Consultant


“I’m writing to let you know how much taking your Energetic Mastery I class has benefited me. I have done similar work before, but you have taken it to a new level that goes way beyond aura cleansing! As far as I am concerned, learning to keep the energetic field around the body clear is absolutely essential for anyone aspiring to be spiritually conscious, to have a high level of personal integrity and who wants to learn how to be psychically polite in their relationships. You are the Emily Post of energetic management! It has been invaluable to learn how to keep my energetic field free of other people’s energies. As a healer and a former “co-dependent”, I tend to take on other people’s problems, physical, mental and emotional pains, and now I have a way to clear this from my space so that my energy is free to create what I want, rather than be controlled by others.

You have taken this work to the next level where I also learned how to connect with my Higher Self. This has been one of the most important gifts I have ever received and has changed my life in a big way. Once I could access my own higher information, I felt more confident, wise and safe because I can access my truth whenever I want to by just plugging in at that high level. And on really good days, I feel that I can access the Akashic Record level and access information that appears magical to others.

I spent much of my life confused about who I was and what I wanted. Learning how to access my higher truth for myself anytime I want to, has eliminated the confusion, fear and doubt about who I am and what I am doing on the planet. Thank you so much for teaching these invaluable skills which we took to an even higher level during the CERW/RSD work. I’ve told you many times, but I’ll tell you again, that working with you has affected my life dramatically and changed it forever for the better. I recommend it for anyone wanting to take their life to a new, incredible level.”

Yours truly,
Terri Zink, Financial Consultant


“I’ve just completed just over a year of CERW/RSD work with Santon de La Vie. Looking back on my journal over the last year (and prior), I see how unhappy I was. I felt like I had the weight of the world on me. I’d been in abusive relationships and considered myself more of a failure than a survivor. I felt as if my energy and vitality were being sucked out of me. I was controlled by fear. One particularly poignant entry in my journal prior to doing the work was: ‘If I were fearless, I’d sing in a rock band, write songs, be happy and playful.’ I can’t tell you how far I was from that image and emotion. It was like saying, ‘I’d be happy if I lived on Jupiter.’ It’s far away and how in the world do you even get there?

As the CERW/RSD work progressed I could feel a lightening in my emotions and energy and five months after starting the work, I wrote in my journal:
‘I feel like a co-creator, at cause – not just at the effect of my life.’

Nine months after starting the CERW/RSD program I was singing in a rock band, being playful, flirty and utterly happy…It’s good here on the other side…here on Jupiter!”

Jennifer Flaa
Software Consultant


“Thank you so very much for your incredible insights, understanding and guidance over the past year. Working with you has been a very important quest/process of honestly seeking deeper truth about me by gradually being liberated from all the limiting patterns and beliefs. I feel transformed and tuned-up into ME.

CERW/RSD has been the natural progression into integrating years of my inner work…mental, physical (body work), emotional and spiritual by releasing the patterns at the cellular level. During each CERW/RSD session, I have made quantum leaps from upset and angst to peace and joy, skipping all the emotional weightiness in between. The cumulative affect of the process has taught me to quickly shift, not only “toward” but “into” a positive state of mind and heart effortlessly.

In CERW/RSD, I have found a tool that sweeps clean all the debris by shining a brighter light (than any other processes) and making room for springing into new beginnings. The cumulative work with you has not only helped me work through the familial, cultural and societal patterns, it has helped me through with the self-imposed limitations of my own thought processes. I am talking about the patterns that come from within, not from any external circumstances. There were times I came to the CERW/RSD sessions with total angst, and at the end of it felt totally transformed, with the situation no longer being an issue. Most CERW/RSD sessions have taken me into alpha and theta states almost immediately and given me access to myriad of realizations and insights. Some have just taken me into a deep trance and I have come out feeling absolutely revived.

There will always be more to be said, new realizations to be made and new understandings to be reached…this is where CERW/RSD will continue to assist me on my journey, focus on my highest spiritual ideals and create rainbows everywhere I go!

I’m not saying that this is the “magic bullet”, but rather like taking the “red pill” to go on a journey of transforming, releasing and transcending causation energy patterns at a cellular level. Thank you again Santon.”

With Love & Gratitude,
Nandini Rao, Computer Consultant


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